The Story

“Here I stand.  I can do no other.”

These courageous words from Martin Luther in 1521 have always shaped my life.  Facing charges of heresy by the Roman Catholic Church, Luther was asked to recant his words and writings that man is saved by “grace, and grace alone” and not good works.  After reflection, he refused to recant and took this famous stance.

I am the proud son of a Lutheran minister.  I grew up not only in the knowledge of the Lord’s “saving grace” but also in Martin Luther’s awakening to “justification by faith” which led to the very church I have enjoyed all my life.

People are often asked if they had the opportunity to eat dinner with anyone in history, who would it be?  For me, the answer would be very simple – Martin Luther.

With this blog, and in all I do, you will always know, “Here I stand.”  Those that know me understand, “I can do no other.”


1 Response to The Story

  1. Jack in KC says:

    Jeff –

    We have a bit more in common than I realized. Sheila and I have been members of ELCA churches here and in California since we arrived in Topeka from LaCrosse, WI in the fall of 1963. I am currently serving yet another term as a council member at our church here in KC after similar duty over 25 years in Davis, CA. Also, I presume you like to bike country roads. I am just getting acquainted with gravel grinders after more than 40 years of recreational road riding, touring, centuries and double centuries. I am guessing from the photo above you have done the Dirty Kanza in the Flint Hills. Right now I am looking for suggestions on tires that work well on gravel and dirt in this area. Any suggestions?

    Best regards,

    Jack Kenward

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