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Images: Volume 1, Week 41

This week’s Images celebrates a Kansas legend, Alf Landon. Twenty eight years ago today, Landon passed away at the age of 100. The Republican Party’s nominee for the President of the United States, Landon run against President Franklin Roosevelt in 1936. … Continue reading

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Images: Volume 1, Week 34

The news that former President Jimmy Carter suffers from extensive cancer that has spread to his brain saddens me greatly. Since the day Carter and his wife Rosalynn came to Topeka on March 2, 1975, I have been a Carter supporter. … Continue reading

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My Distinct Honor – Photographs of President Obama at KU


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Tohu W’bohu

There are times sitting in a pew at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Topeka, it seems the pastor is delivering a sermon right to me or a member of my family. As intimidating as that might seem, I truly am thankful … Continue reading

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JFK – Fifty Years Past

The class trouble maker, having earlier been sent from our classroom for another visit to the principal’s office, burst through the door to glibly announce, “Hey, somebody shot the President.” Even as our teacher moved to grab the class clown … Continue reading

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The Copper Top

The scaffolding covering the Kansas Capitol dome is finally being removed, revealing the structure clad in glorious new copper. The brilliant dome is the crowning jewel to a decade long renovation of the statehouse in Topeka. Living just a short … Continue reading

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Something So Weird, Yet So Right

Occasionally, someone in Lawrence will walk by wearing a “Keep Lawrence Weird” shirt. Wistfully, the wearer longs for the days when hippie counter-culture ruled the small college town. As wonderful as that feeling was at the time, such thoughts today … Continue reading

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