Images: Volume 1, Week 34

JImmy_Carter_03021975The news that former President Jimmy Carter suffers from extensive cancer that has spread to his brain saddens me greatly. Since the day Carter and his wife Rosalynn came to Topeka on March 2, 1975, I have been a Carter supporter. Throughout his speech in the earliest days of his presidential campaign, Carter outlined goals for our nation based on honesty and sensibility. Later, as the couple sat on stage listening to what Topekans thought about our country’s future, I knew I was in the presence of a great man.

My feelings that night remain the same today. Jimmy Carter continues to be a great man, a great leader, a loving husband and a great Christian. No amount of debate over his Presidency will dissuade me from believing my votes for Carter were most important. Carter’s attempts to bring peace to our world during his four years in the White House, and since in our world’s hottest danger zones, are beyond question. The Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Carter in 2002 testifies to his accomplishments.

His views, based on strong Christian belief, often fell on unbelieving ears. His unwavering honesty proved devastating to his presidency. His stands on conservation, alternate energy use, equality for women, opposition to the death penalty, gun control, torture, continued racial prejudice now extending into the White House and abortion, I share.

The man I saw sitting with his wife 40 years ago, now at 90 battles against cancer with the same peace I witnessed that night. To be that content in his faith, to be ready for all life dishes out and still find it all good, that is a gift of faith our world should continually seek.


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