Images: Volume 1, Week 30

Field_Painter_1984Photographers develop swivel necks. I am always looking for things that interest me that could also make a pleasing photograph. That is why on sections of a two-lane road between Topeka and Lawrence I find myself always looking for things that catch my eye.

On a beautiful day in 1985, a woman painting in one of the fields I always checked made me hit my brakes hard to find a place to safely park. As I walked back to the field, I amazingly found the woman’s painting well on its way to completion. The artist certainly had talent. I tried my best to make a worthy photograph.

In its great days, the Topeka Capital-Journal thrived on the ceaseless efforts of the photography staff to generate local photographs day after day. When hard news was sparse, I had to go “feature hunting.” Sitting in the photo lab hoping something would happen was never tolerated. That meant driving, which could be frustrating. However, I now know nearly every street in Topeka and most paved and gravel roads in Shawnee County, and my swivel neck helped me often find good photographs and new friends.

The subject of this week’s photograph came about on a drive back from a sports assignment in Lawrence. Thanks to my two-way radio, the news desk knew what I found as I drove back to Topeka smiling.


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2 Responses to Images: Volume 1, Week 30

  1. Love this shot. It’s getting harder and harder to find those spots where you can safely pull over and get out to shoot what the ol’ swivel neck finds!

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