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Since 2006, it has been my privilege to be one of the instructors and presenters at the Sports Photography Workshop in Colorado Springs. This year’s workshop runs from July 22 – 27. Some of the finest photographers in the nation staff the week-long workshop. Somehow, I keep getting invited back.

Maybe the reason is that I feel a great responsibility to give back since so much has been given to me during my 46-year career. I truly am blessed. The other staff members feel the same in their own unique ways. Yes, you will see a wide variety of stunning photographs during daily presentations. However, the efforts the instructors make to share their knowledge and skills with every student is what sets this workshop far above any other.

Way back in 1969, the esteemed photographer and photo director Rich Clarkson saw something in an 18-year-old kid wanting to break into the newspaper business so much that he happily took a job as darkroom boy at the Topeka Capital-Journal and quickly found the Lord’s plan for his life. For the next 46 years, so many amazing and humbling experiences filled my life. My thanks go out to Clarkson every time I help a photographer young or old that comes to Colorado with a desire to learn.

What Clarkson saw in me, he has seen in so many others. When he began the sports workshop, Clarkson called upon his “friends” to fill out the lineup. To be called a “friend” means so very much to me and each instructor. We all love our time in Colorado.

We also hope you can join us. It is not too late. Here is a link to the sports workshop and the other Clarkson Creative Summit Workshops. Review the distinguished roster of talent at each workshop and all that you can do and learn. Then please find a way to attend.

That is about all the time I have now. I need to get working on my show which is always based solely on the photographs made in the most recent KU school year. This gallery gives you an idea of some of the pictures I am considering for this year’s presentation. There is so much I would love to share, but hard cuts need to be made. My hope is that the images will be well received since each comes with my sincere thanks to so many.


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2 Responses to Showtime

  1. Ron Torrence says:

    Just wanted you to know how relieved I am that you did not include a photo of Chris and me in your selection of photos to consider, even if it was at a KU baseball game. Poor subject matter. Best, Ron

  2. Earl Richardson says:

    Very nice. Maybe I’ll attend this workshop someday. It looks like fun.

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