Images – Volume 1, Week 1

USC_OU_Winning_TD_09261981Happy New Year everyone. The photograph that goes along with this post is the first of what I hope will be 52 weeks of older photographs I have decided to share again. I never have spent much time obsessing over the photographs I made what now seems so long ago. The magic is always in making new photographs that please and excite me and, hopefully, do the same for those who see them.

Nevertheless, the positive reaction I received in the fall from friends over some older Kansas City Royals photographs from their playoffs past and their winning 1985 World Series, led me to think about digging out other older images. Some people do not realize that before working for Kansas Athletics for 18 years, I actually have worked more years on jobs that took me far and wide. My biggest issue will be finding what I would like to share. Negatives and files from 45 years as a photographer are everywhere, and not as organized as I would like. That is enough of an introduction.  I promise to keep explanations brief in the coming weeks, and I welcome your reactions. Now on to the first image.

Many big-time football games featuring collegiate and professional teams come with the start of a new year. I found an image to share, not from a New Year’s Day past, but from September 26, 1981. The game was a significant one though.

This was back in the days when big-time teams dared to schedule marquee non-conference games. USC, ranked No. 1, played No. 2 Oklahoma in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in front of over 93,000 fans. I covered the game for the Arizona Republic, which often sent me to California for major events. The game lived up to all its hype and was not sealed until USC quarterback John Mazur threw a seven-yard touchdown pass to tight end Fred Cornwell with two seconds left to win 28-24. This image is one of seven I made of the winning play with Cornwell lifting his arms in celebration as the late afternoon sun and the Los Angeles haze lended a dramatic effect.

Rich Clarkson, the famed photojournalist who gave me a start in photography when I was 18, always stressed to me the importance of telling a story with my photographs. He also was very demanding that to tell the story, I needed to make dramatic images of the big plays that decided the games I covered. On this day, I was very successful doing that and am so grateful for having many other opportunities to do so in my long career.

Thank you for taking a look.


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One Response to Images – Volume 1, Week 1

  1. Jon says:

    That is a GREAT pic, Jeff! Knowing the story helps the story be told (by the pic). Thanks for sharing it.

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