The Peace of the Lord

Jake Discovery CenterPhotograph by Laura Jacobsen

Next week marks the beginning of my work year. On the eve of the eve of my New Year, enjoying these last moments of peace brings great joy and reminds me always of the peace that is life in and through my Lord and Savior.

Last night, Laura and I enjoyed three and a half hours of great conversation and wonderful food at Topeka’s Row House Restaurant with friends Barb Quaney and Doug Jones. Today was a morning of absolute joy with Jake at the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center in Gage Park. Once again, the glory of the Lord shines so brightly through the smiling face of my amazing 28-month-old grandson and the blessing of dear friends.

These final few quiet days following my annual intense week of work at the Sport Photography Workshop, soon deserving of a post, were renewing. With the peace of the Lord that truly surpasses all understanding, I anxiously look forward to the arrival of my work duties knowing my Savior will continue to grant me peace even in the midst of all the insanity.

Jake Discovery CenterJake Discovery Center Jake_Combo1 Jake_Combo2

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Thank you for reading my blog, Here I Stand. You can read all about me, my wife and my family on the Family page. God bless and keep you.
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7 Responses to The Peace of the Lord

  1. Kevin Lackey says:

    Jeff, my friend, you are truly an inspirational man. It’s so easy in today’s world to look at our roads ahead of us and feel overwhelmed, or resentful of our burdens. You look at each challenge as a gift and a lesson to be learned.

    We didn’t get to talk much at the workshop this year, but I look forward to your “Year In Review” next summer.

    God bless you & your family.

    • jeffjacobsen says:

      Kevin, while we didn’t get to share our usual time together, always know that Laura and I think the world of you. We are always so happy to see you every summer. Thanks so much for your faith and belief in me as a photographer and Christian. Means so much to me. Have a blessed year. See you again soon.

  2. Wayne says:

    Be still and know that I am God.

  3. jeffjacobsen says:

    Wayne, thank you always for your faithful reading of my simple little blog. God bless you.

  4. joeyterrill says:

    What beautiful pictures… I wanted to linger on every single one…and did! Can’t stop smiling 🙂


  5. Kelly Ross says:

    Jeff, I really enjoyed meeting you and Laura at the workshop and I find your blog as an inspiration. Your willingness to share your expertise and answer endless questions is much appreciated. I am shooting the KU-K-State football game this season, I hope I get to see you there and ask a few more questions and. Aye a portfolio review at halftime;). From one Kansas guy to another, Gods speed…


  6. Isabelle says:

    Keep it coming, wrretis, this is good stuff.

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