Teeing It Up On The Golf Channel

My 21-month old grandson loves golf as you can see from the video shot by his mother, Julie. As with anything Jake does, we all found the video to be delightful. Little did we know that Jake will soon be making his debut on the Golf Channel. After Julie posted the video on Instagram, with hash tags for the Golf Channel and Golf Academy, she quickly heard from the Golf Channel asking whether they could use the video on air.

Jake working on his game in the snow.

Jake working on his game in the snow.

We await exact word on the time the video debuts, but it will be so much fun to see the clip and hear what the commentators say. No doubt Jake will recognize himself when the time comes. As part of a visual family, he always wants to view the images on the back of my camera when I take photographs of him. We will anxiously await his reaction.

It bothers me that the world will see Jake in a pull up diaper in the two videos posted with this story. However, Jake being well on his way to be potty trained at such an early age is almost as noteworthy as his golf debut.

Before you start to worry that this will lead to constant updates with overly glorified thoughts that Jake, and not Tiger Woods, is the greatest threat to Jack Nicklaus’ 18 major titles, I promise you that will not happen. There is a real love of golf on both sides of Jake’s family, but my hopes are much more grounded.

The thrill would be to see Jake play golf with style and skill in a foursome with his father, step-grandfather and me. I would happily take up the game again just for that. Laura might do the same. Every day with Jake is a blessing from our Savior. Time on a golf course with him, walking alongside our Savior, that would be something to cherish.


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2 Responses to Teeing It Up On The Golf Channel

  1. matt christopher says:

    It’s a really cute video. Not sure why you would think people will be bothered by the diaper. He’s a toddler… I’d take that comment out of the story. Perhaps you are the one who has a problem with it.

    • jeffjacobsen says:

      As I stated in the story, I admit to having a problem with the diaper. I never have been a fan of diapers, even though the day will come sooner than I would like that I might need one again. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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