The 2013-14 KU Men's Basketball Poster

The 2013-14 KU Men’s Basketball Poster

At this time of the year, basketball fans ask again and again when the men’s basketball poster is coming out and what it will look like this season. Well, here is the sneak peek. While I am very pleased with the poses, I especially am fond of the look I created for each image to give the players a harder look. The rest is up to the designers.

A photo of Naadir Tharpe I liked but did not work with design.

A photo of Naadir Tharpe I like very much. It did not work into the poster design plans. However, Tharpe enjoyed the image of him that you see on the poster.

The women’s poster will not have that hard edge, but instead will be very bright and colorful. Both teams are well represented by their posters. The men, with their acclaimed recruiting class, are hoping to hammer all comers and take home a national championship. The women, with their top-notch and highly visible recruits meshed with proven veterans, could provide fans with a very bright and colorful look on the court.

Besides the photographs for their poster, I also made personally driven portraits of each player hopefully destined for use as game program covers.  Certainly hope so. I like them very much.  Hope you enjoy them all as basketball fast approaches. Posters will be available at Late Night in the Phog on October 4 and throughout what surely will be a most interesting seasons.

Two of the women's basketball portraits featuring  Jeda Brown and Keyla Morgan.

Two of my women’s basketball portraits featuring Jeda Brown and Keyla Morgan.

The 2013-13 Women's Basketball Poster

The 2013-13 Women’s Basketball Poster


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4 Responses to Posterized

  1. Rob says:

    We’re can I get the KU men basketball poster

  2. Andrew Wolf says:

    Where can I see all of the pictures you took of the players not in the poster form but individually?

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