Jake’s First Trim

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As Jake closes in on 16 months, our grandson was starting to look a bit shaggy. Not quite the “pinko, commie, hippie freak” look from my long hair days of the 70’s, but the little guy’s style needed attention. Mother, Julie, worried though that Jake would not sit still, and the results would be disastrous.

So much for those worries. Jake never fussed, and thanks to the best barber I know, there was nothing even close to disastrous. Randy Clatterbuck has cut my hair for 29 years. I teamed up with Randy soon after he graduated from barber college, and convinced Julie no one could better shape up Jake’s locks. When you look at the results, I think you will agree. Thanks, Randy.


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7 Responses to Jake’s First Trim

  1. What camera is this? good shotS!

    • jeffjacobsen says:

      Photographs taken with a Canon 1dx with a 70-200mm f2.8 zoom lens or a Canon 5d Mark III with a 17-35mm f2.8 zoom lens.

  2. Adorable grandson…love the photos!

  3. joeyterrill says:

    What a set of pictures! I’m still smiling…and likely will be for the rest of the night. Those are so great, Jeff. They’ll be treasured by all, I’m sure. Everyone is lucky to have such a gifted photographer as Jake’s personal documentarian 🙂

  4. Love the first mirror picture and the one of the two of you together. He’s definitely your grandson.

    • jeffjacobsen says:

      Thanks much, Earl. The Lord blessed us both with wonderful grandchildren.

      On 8/19/13 2:36 PM, “"Here I Stand"”

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