Ageless Wonder

Laura leaping during a recent lighting test

Laura leaping during a recent lighting test.

Hair remnants

Hair remnants.

No matter her years, Laura remains in my heart and mind an ageless wonder. Today is her birthday. It is fine with her for me to reveal her age, but a wise man still would not. I will only say it is a semi-memorable birthday, one that does not include a zero as the last digit. Daughter Kelly put it this way, “Dad, you can no longer say you have a hot, young wife. You can only say you have a hot wife.”

Ah, but I can say I have a different looking wife. Wednesday, Laura chopped off major portions of her super-thick red hair. Lamenting how hot her hair becomes in the summer, but unsure of how she would look with shorter hair again, I tagged along with her to Lou and Co. in Lawrence. There her stylist, Jennifer Hinson, and I convinced her submit to a serious shearing.

Laura wondered whether this signaled a mid-life crisis. I assured her this was only a trip back in time. Her hair was short when I first met her and then fell so deeply in love with her. That was many years ago, but it delights me to say my love for her continues to grow. Just the sight of her still stirs my soul. Happy Birthday, to my ageless wonder.

Newly cropped hair

Newly cropped hair.


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4 Responses to Ageless Wonder

  1. Sally says:

    I want to wish Laura a Happy Birthday and to let her know that a hair cut is not a mid-life crisis. It is doing something to make you more comfortable. I do love the new cut and wish I had that much hair that I could let mine grow out for that kind of cut. I want to thank her also for making my brother’s life a complete joy. He desires all the happiness he can get and Laura you have made him so happy. No matter what age you look fantastic. Love you both. Sally

    • jeffjacobsen says:

      Laura sends her thanks and her love to you, Sally. I add my thanks and love to my remarkable sister

  2. Laura, your new look is awesome.

  3. joeyterrill says:

    Happy birthday, Laura. The hair is magnificent! You and Jeff are two of the finest people I know and I love you both. See you very soon 🙂

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