Go Skateboarding Day

Riding with my buddy, Jake on Go Skateboarding Day. (Laura Jacobsen)

Riding with my buddy, Jake, on Go Skateboarding Day. (Laura Jacobsen)

Cruising at Lake Shawnee (Laura Jacobsen)

Cruising at Lake Shawnee (Laura Jacobsen)

Today was the first day of summer.  It was also Go Skateboarding Day. How perfect to take long rides on the longest day of year. Lake Shawnee, despite all the signs banning skateboarding, is a wonderful place to rebel against authority with some cruising on my longboard.

Naturally, I had to get Jake up for his first few rides down our freshly paved alley before heading to the lake. Earlier in the afternoon Jake took a header on one of his many climbing adventures, whacking his nose quite hard. He was not his usual smiling, dare-devil self since a swollen nose and a “shiner” under his left eye already were growing.

Nevertheless, Jake ought to remember the numerous rides.  It was amazing how much speed we gained quickly. As he grows older, I hope Jake will want to join me for rides on his own skateboard.  For now, today was a perfect Go Skateboarding Day.   


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3 Responses to Go Skateboarding Day

  1. Tom Pflug says:

    Don’t I remember you breaking an arm skateboarding when you were a little younger. I guess what they say is true: Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional! Tom

  2. jeffjacobsen says:

    Tom, the broken arm came after falling from a big tree when a limb broke off. However, I have donated major hunks of skin to the pavement of many a street.

  3. Haven’t been on a skateboard or skates in more than a few years. I’m sure I’d face plant if I tried it now. Love the shot of you and Mr. Jake; looks like a good day.

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