To A Very Special Mother

Jake, Julie and their dog, Millie

A Mother’s Day pose – Jake, Julie and their dog, Millie.

Three weeks ago, a couple approached Laura and me after church. They proudly pulled out pictures of their granddaughter, living in another state. The proud couple informed us the pretty high school senior and star athlete in the photographs recently accepted an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy. We were duly impressed, however, what they told us next is what meant so much to us.

They recounted how their granddaughter years ago was very unhappy about attending Vacation Bible School at our church. Only when she met our daughter, Julie, did she find the Bible school teacher she grew to love. For two years after, the only way she would attend was to be assured she could be in Julie’s class. They told us how their granddaughter still recalls her time with Julie so fondly. Clearly Julie made quite an impact.

That really did not surprise us. The Lord blessed Julie with the gift of loving, caring and understanding children. We also are not surprised to watch Julie care so lovingly for her son, Jake. The two are quite a pair. As much as we love seeing how well Jake is developing, we are just as proud of how well Julie is developing as a mother.

Julie is a great example of trusting in the Lord, and His plan for our lives. Her circuitous life at times seemed star-crossed. She knows we have shed our share of tears and raised more prayers to heaven than we can remember as she battled her way through difficult times. God was with her through it all helping lead her to this moment in life where God’s great gift to her has manifested itself in the love and care she now bestows on her son. We are so proud of a very special mother on this Mother’s Day. All we have to do is look at Jake’s face when he sees his mother to know he feels the same way.


Laura, Jake, daughter, Kelly and Rocket on a late afternoon walk.



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