Birthday Boys (and Girl)


KU coaches Ritch Price and Stanley Redwine

Who has not looked at a list of people born on their birthday? It is always fun to discover some sports star, celebrity or world-renowned figure shares the same birth date. Well, tomorrow is my birthday, so I looked.

With my journalism background, sharing my birthday with famed news mogul Joseph Pulitzer is great. It would be even better should I ever win a Pulitzer Prize. I would not mind sharing some mutual birthday time with former football coach and announcer John Madden. Doing the same with terrible actor Steven Seagal, not so much.

T.J. Hackler

T.J. Hackler

As cool as all that might seem, nothing compares to this odds-defying fact. Years ago, I discovered I share my birthday with KU baseball coach Ritch Price and track and field coach Stanley Redwine. These are two of the finest men I know at KU. They coach two of my favorite sports to cover at KU. I am really honored to share a special day with them.  Each year we exchange best wishes. I have hoped to get a photograph of the three of us together on that day. The problem is that we can never get together.  This year the baseball team will be playing at the University of Iowa. That is our life, one we all love.

This winter I discovered an addition to my April 10th birthday list, former KU high jumper T.J. Hackler, now the team’s chiropractor. On Monday, my boss, Todd Kober, let me know his brother is also an April 10th boy. What are the odds?

Julie, Jake and Tim Phillips

Julie, Jake and Tim Phillips

However, this year the big April 10th birthday prize goes to my daughter, Julie. This one is a milestone occasion as Julie turns 30. From now on, social protocol dictates I no longer reveal her age, but on this special day tomorrow, I will burst with pride over the birthday I share with my wonderful daughter. We will celebrate with her husband Tim, and their special son, our grandson Jake. No birthday gift will ever be as cherished as the one I received in 1983 with Julie’s birth.

It should not take much to calculate that I am easily the oldest of this distinguished group of KU-related men and my daughter. Not to worry. Tonight as Laura and I celebrate my birthday with a romantic evening together in Kansas City, the clock will tick over to the 10th. The two of us will be doing some slow dancing to the sweet sounds of another April 10th birthday boy – R&B singer and composer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. Really, I cannot wait to officially get another year older.

Happy Birthday to all.


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3 Responses to Birthday Boys (and Girl)

  1. Tom Pflug says:

    Happy Birthday from all of us in Omaha. May God bless you with many more happy, healthy years. Tom, Dorothy, and all the children

  2. Carl Davaz says:

    Happy birthday from Track Town, 27. See you in June!

  3. Alex Belonis says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. J! Hope you celebrated well. You should come back to Vermont sometime soon! Best wishes!

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