Jake’s Easter Egg Hunt

Jake's Easter Egg HuntIn the midst of what is full-on March Insanity, this morning was time for some Jakesanity. Our grandson took part in his first Easter egg hunt. Even with the KU men’s very late NCAA basketball game Friday night and working with too few hours of sleep, I was not going to miss this special event. Jake loved every moment.

The hunt was a Kansas Athletics function. Due to the weather, KU’s volleyball facility hosted the fun. Jake is now five weeks away from his first birthday on May 1. While not the biggest guy, he certainly is mobile, active and intelligent. He showed off a new step in his development by squatting down to pick up eggs and then standing back up. Those plastic eggs instantly appealed to him, as did the Cheerios inside.

Jake's Easter Egg HuntThe other great moment was when Jake met the Easter bunny. Both daughters had their childhood phobias to overcome. A clown sneaking up behind Julie terrified her as a child. Kelly, a young lover of everything Barney, found the person dressed as Barney at a local event too scary. Thankfully, Jake loved the bunny. We had to pull him away so others could get a picture.

Sadly, Jake’s father was working this morning while grandmother Laura was in Boulder with the KU women’s basketball team getting ready for their NCAA game against Colorado. Jake will have to learn that there will often be times like this when our jobs get in the way of weekend fun. It saddens us, but it also makes us appreciate our time with Jake even more.

Next up, Jake goes kayaking with us on his birthday. That is the start of “now, Jake, you can’t tell your parents about everything we did today” time. Julie is already cringing.

Jake's Easter Egg Hunt


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One Response to Jake’s Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Earl Richardson says:

    What a great looking kid.

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