I Possess The DNA…

Two basketballs, a pair of socks and a water bottle. On the floor of the photo studio lay the genetic keys to life. Think about it KU basketball fans. There before me was all the DNA needed to produce my very own stud KU recruit. All I would need is 18 years and nine months from the time I locate a healthy ovum.

That really is what popped into our minds as Laura helped me clean up the studio after a Friday afternoon photo shoot with each of the KU basketball players.

Justin Wesley flying during the ESPN shoot.

ESPN hired me to make a series of photographs to be used for promotional images for their game advertising this season. The 17 players posed for a variety of images. Each player eventually got to show off some of their personal flair in poses of their choice.

Travis Releford struck a pose.

There are enough of these sessions throughout the season that the players and I know each other well. The mood is always light and filled with lots of jokes and laughter. At times as many as 10 players fill every available spot in the studio just to make fun of each other and even me. I get it mostly for using old guy words like “ribbing” instead of the street vernacular that the players rip off with casual ease.

Afterwards, it was the socks that made our minds ponder the possibilities. The popular blue with white striped adidas socks reminded us of the great Christmas episode from the cherished Big Bang Theory television show. Penny gifts a napkin from the Cheesecake Factory to an unimpressed Sheldon. Unimpressed until he discovers the napkin bears an autographed message.

“To Sheldon – Live long and prosper.  – Leonard Nimoy.

As a fanatic Star Trek fan, Sheldon’s initial response was great, but when Penny reveals the napkin is dirty because Nimoy used it to wipe his mouth, all the fun begins. Quaking with the possibilities, the reaction of the theoretical physicist is off-the-charts good.

“I possess the DNA of Leonard Nimoy? Do you realize what this means? All I need is a healthy ovum, and I can grow my own Leonard Nimoy.”

Now, please ladies, no matter how big a KU fan you might be, do not inundate me with offers to do…heaven knows what. That is not going to happen.

As fun as it was to briefly think like Sheldon, the other thought that entered our minds was that those socks were gross and the water bottle ridden with germs. Guess that is why no one has ever called either one of us geniuses.


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