Our Favorite Shutterbug

Check out Laura’s and my favorite shutterbug, our grandson, Jake. Looking through my camera and then “chimping” to see what he shot fascinated him. Since Jake is only a bit shy of six months old, he actually was saying, “ooh, ooh, ooh” because that is about all he can say when he gets excited.

We took Jake to Gary’s Pumpkin Patch last Sunday at the invitation of KU rower, Emily Starr. Her parents run the popular October operation located in Grantville, between Topeka and Lawrence on highway 24.  Pumpkins abound, but the biggest draw is the corn maze created every year to perplex young and old. We saved that challenge for when Jake gets a bit older, but we did enjoy slides, pig races, rocking horses and the super fun jumping pillow.

With Jake strapped to my chest, his parents watched with legitimate concern as we bounded up and down. I made sure to avoid all my usual flips and flops. No need to risk a ban from adventures with Jake at such an early age.


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