Laura’s Beautiful Eye

As Saturday’s KU football closed, a flock of gulls began circling the stadium. Laura made what I believe is an outstanding photograph of those gulls. The white birds with their subtle shading set against the dark sky of the evening made for a very dramatic image.

As I edited our take from the Oklahoma State football game, the two images she made of the gulls jumped out at me. Part of it was that out of all the football images we made, a grouping of birds was sure to be noticed. However, what impressed me the most was that Laura saw those birds, and in seeing those birds recognized that there was beauty that needed to be captured.

Laura’s photographic growth mirrors mine. She came to photography quite by accident, just as I did. She started as my assistant, but soon she wanted to not just hold an extra camera, but to shoot pictures with that camera. She loved sports just as I did. Her athletic abilities helped her handle cameras and heavy long lenses. We both have very good hand-eye coordination. I would love to have seen Laura shooting with a manual focusing long lens. That very difficult task came easy to me.  I am sure it would have to her.

It was all the graphic elements of photography that I had to learn and still am trying to master. I never grew up with a camera in my hands. The first images I made with a camera were with a Leitz 560mm lens locked on a Nikon F camera. Most photographers start with a camera and a wide-angle lens and work their way up. Both Laura and I worked our way down.

Thanks to the help of many wonderful photographers and my dogged persistence, I slowly began to see things with an artful eye. Laura is getting better and better at that even though she shoots very little in comparison to me.

You can tell that my pride in Laura’s photography is extremely high, but that goes along with my  pride in most everything Laura does. Eleven years ago last Saturday, just up the hill from Memorial Stadium at KU’s Campanile, I bent to a knee and asked Laura to marry me. I thank the good Lord that Laura said yes.

For many years I acknowledged that day, but eventually Laura asked me to stop. After a few more years, she decided she missed me making a big deal over the fact someone so wonderful would willingly take on the challenge of being married to me. I am back to making a fuss over the date and will forever more.

In all that she does, Laura is God’s rich blessing to me. It is important to acknowledge that every chance I get. Her photography is just a part of that blessing, but like all she does for me, her skills just keep getting better and better.

Thanks again, dear, for saying yes.


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3 Responses to Laura’s Beautiful Eye

  1. joeyterrill says:

    So, so fabulous. The photographs, and your admiration of her photographs 🙂


  2. myuzickman says:

    Great photo. And always, ROCK CHALK!!!

  3. Wayne Zachary says:

    great comments and thoughts. you both are very blessed with each other! i sas the gulls also that day and thought it very neat how the light shone up on them and gave them a unique look. glad Laura caught it. it would make an interesting art piece.

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