Gone Riding

If love can make the world go around, then love can make a bicycle wheel go around as well. The video above might be about a boy pedaling his bicycle around, but its creation came out of love that makes the video creator’s world go around.

The boy riding the bicycle is only nine years old. Last spring that boy told his father he would like to get a “speed bike.” He wanted something more than the popular BMX bikes or mountain bikes most youth ride. No, the boy wanted to get on a bike and fly.

With his new road bike beneath him, the boy found the love that grows rapidly once the rider realizes all of the places a bike can take him.  Riding with his father, the boy quickly grew in strength and skill. Soon he was leaving his father behind. The heavy mountain bike his father was riding was no match.

On those rides, the father saw the love that was growing inside the boy for cycling as well as the love the father found between them growing even greater by doing something together.  Another trip to the bicycle shop was needed, this time to buy a “speed bike” for the father.

The morning routine was now set.  Rise early and together they would ride before school and work. The distance the two covered began to grow with some rides over 20 miles, which for a nine-year-old is remarkable.

Along the way, father and son came to understand some of the intricacies of racing by gluing themselves to telecasts of the summer’s Tour de France. They also learned the harsh realities of life on the road. Their friend Bill, who works at their bike shop and was instrumental in their cycling development, suffered a serious concussion after being struck by a car. His carbon fiber bike laid in the road in shattered pieces.

Before he could even stand or walk from the head trauma, Bill made sure to send a text to the father with a message for the son “…not to worry. Cycling is still a great sport.”

The gruesome facts of the accident and Bill’s struggles to fully recover helped the son understand proper safety and the need for singular focus while on his bike. Through it all, the son’s desire to ride only grew.

This all is a very nice story, and one anyone who truly enjoys riding a bike would cherish, but that really is only half of the story. The son wanted to express his love for riding and what better way to do it, in our techno-savvy world,  than to make a video.

The story board

Yes, the video is the creation of the nine-year-old, Weston Terrill. During one Apple class, Weston learned how to story board his ideas, create music in Garageband and edit video, shot with a GoPro camera and some help from his dad, in iMovie. The result is quite impressive, but that is no surprise given that Weston just happens to be the son of Joey Terrill, one of the most talented photographers I know.

Joey and his brother, Mark, in their teens were already selling photographs to the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press. While Mark continued in journalism and now is one the most heralded AP photographers in the world, Joey took a different path.

Joey’s creative drive came through in many forms that reached its peak with his exquisitely lit portraits of some of the most famous celebrity and sports figures in the world. To know Joey is to know there is a world of visual talent for Weston to inherit. There also is a world of thoughtfulness and graciousness for Weston to learn from his dad. Ultimately those traits will be of even greater value.

Working with Joey for years at the Sports Photography Workshop, the growing friendship between Laura, myself and Joey continues to be one of the week’s great delights. His words are just as carefully crafted as are his photographs for the students, and for us. Yet, though our worlds seem as many miles apart as the distance between California and Kansas, we share a common bond of passion for the lives we lead and the peace we find.

This year that bond grew stronger thanks to our newly shared love for cycling. While we shared our stories of work, family, love and faith, the conversations became even longer thanks to stories about cycling. That has not stopped since.

In a recent e-mail, Joey shared with us a computer drawing Weston created that captured his thought of  “cycling down the California coast on a breezy summer day.” Joey continued on to say, “His legs are really becoming strong and he’s now climbing hills the way he was riding on the flat just a few weeks ago. It’s great for me because if I want to keep up…I have to keep up. At this rate, the next time you see me I’ll have legs like Andre Griepel :)” We hope that will be as early as January, and a trip to take in some stages of the Tour of California next spring is in the works.

Until then it is work as usual for both of us. For Joey that recently meant a day of portraits of Major League Baseball’s likely American League MVP, Mike Trout, at Anaheim Stadium in the morning, In the afternoon, portraits of the currently famed celebrity Justin Beiber were made in a studio.

While we look forward to seeing Joey again, we cannot wait to meet Weston. I told his father recently that in 20 years, Weston will either be riding in the Tour de France or photographing the Tour de France. God-willing, Joey, Laura and myself will all be there together to see Weston doing either one.

Enjoy life’s ride, Weston.


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