The West Wing Reunion’s Important Message

News that members of the cherished The West Wing television series reunited for an important video was exciting for this huge fan. This fabulous White House-based series ran from 1999-2006 on NBC.  Originally produced and written by the talented Aaron Sorkin, The West Wing remains my favorite television show because of its intelligent writing and fine acting.

Keyed by the show’s memorable theme music, seeing many of the main characters again in the video stirred fond memories. The cast spoke of an “initiative” that was the video’s important message. Get up and get walking. Such a simple exercise can do so much good for so many. Everyone can profit from walking 30 minutes a day.

One of the central cast members missing from the reunion video was Josh Lyman, the Deputy Chief of Staff, played by Bradley Whitford. If you caught any of Whitford’s recent short-lived and ill-fated series The Good Guys, you can understand that Whitford would have needed to get out and walk off quite a few pounds before he could realistically appear in the video.

Editor’s Note: Please accept my apologies for the inadvertent early posting of the West Wing Reunion video. The video provided by the Funny or Die group does not embed properly in WordPress despite my test attempts and those of a web designing friend. One of those tests was mistakenly posted briefly. 

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