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As with everything, when it comes to the sports I photograph, there are always restrictions. A litany of all the do’s and don’ts would be pointless to list. Sadly, they are never going away, no matter how much I rail against them. All those restrictions are one of the key reasons I love track and field so much.

There are still people telling me where I can and cannot go and why I can not put a camera here and there at any track meet. Those restrictions grow with every step up the track and field meet ladder of importance. Nevertheless, there are far fewer than any sport I cover.

There is the saying – ‘hacks travel in packs’ – amongst good photographers. That little credo is what keeps me trying to find some location far removed from others. At a basketball, football or baseball game my options become limited. Of all sports, track and field allows me the most freedom. Since I have never been bashful expressing myself, often against the norm, that same desire applies to my photographs.

The events of track and field define the Olympic motto of “faster, higher, stronger.” Athletes come in all sizes and shapes and constantly amaze me with their talents and skills. This results in what I believe are some of the most visually appealing photographs I make all year.

The KU men’s and women’s teams are improving rapidly. The head coach, Stanley Redwine, and a group of assistants really understand and appreciate the importance of good photographs. Our coverage of the sport I love is growing right along with the team’s fortunes.

Last week’s Kansas Relays, held over four days of the best weather ever for the event, were long and taxing, but a joy. The unique downtown shot put and long jump supplemented the events in Memorial Stadium. Thanks for taking a look at a few of the images from the sport I love.


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