Taking To The Stairs

Admittedly, this was not my best job of packing for a trip to St. Louis for KU basketball. The forecast called for rain until Sunday, so I chose to leave my bicycle behind. Big mistake, as it is any time my bike is left behind. Saturday proved to be a perfect day to ride. I was unhappy with myself all day.

Then I forgot to pack my running shoes. They were in the basement drying from a trail run with Rocket last week during all the steady rains. Rocket especially loves to run in the rain, but now both my shoes and my bike were not with me. The pair of light adidas shoes for workouts in the hotel gym were not the best for my running gait. What was I to do?

Take to the stairs. Laura and I ran hotel stairs when KU played in a NCAA regional in Minneapolis years ago. Why freeze outdoors when we could get a lung-searing workout inside. My light shoes would not be supportiveĀ for outdoor running, but they were perfect for the sprints up the stairs in St. Louis. Footfalls on the balls of my feet relished the light kicks.

Yes, the hotel had treadmills, but that running seems mindless. Mentally waver when sprinting up five floors of stairs 10 times, and a large welt on the shin will be the painful reminder to pick up my feet when it comes time to fly. The staircase in the downtown St. Louis Renaissance Hotel was quite wide and easy to negotiate. The usual narrow staircases require using the hand rails to whip around the turns. The narrow confines also leads to some roller derby bumping between the always competitive Jacobsens.

While I would have loved a ride in Forest Park instead, the sprints up the stairs Saturday did their job of leaving me gasping at the top. Not a bad way to get in a good workout in spite of all that I left behind.


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One Response to Taking To The Stairs

  1. Perhaps you should enter one of the Vertical Running races that seem to be popping up everywhere…

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