Topeka: A Top Ten City For The Wrong Reason

Gallup released a shocking story on March 7 regarding obesity in the United States. Tragically, Topeka ranked as the eighth most obese city in the country. One third of the population in my home town is obese. Add to that figure all Topekans just overweight and imagine the total percentage. Staggering numbers that should scare every Topekan. Sadly, it will not.

Topeka is a town with very little civic pride. Now I know why. Topekans think so little of themselves,  how can we expect them to care about their city? Obesity forces health care payouts of $80 million in our country for the treatment of obesity, Gallup reports. Keep wallowing in fat, Topeka, but do not complain about life in Topeka.

Get up off your couch, back away from the table, put one foot in front of the other and walk to something other than your refrigerator. Show some pride in yourselves, then your city. Right now, it is shameful to be ranked in a top ten for the wrong reason.

Here is the link to the Gallup story.

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4 Responses to Topeka: A Top Ten City For The Wrong Reason

  1. That Is Sad For A Place Like Topeka.
    I Suppose It’s Just Not A Place One Would Generally Equate With Obesity.
    Now I Know.
    And As G.I.Joe Would Now Say…
    “And KNOWING Is Half The Battle!”

  2. Ann Morris says:

    As a person who enjoys photography, your photography, and the Jayhawks, I’ve also enjoyed your posts. Until today. Several thoughts: 1) Unless the health history of every obese person in Topeka, including me, is known, the assumption cannot be made that they are that way because they don’t “Get up off your couch, back away from the table, put one foot in front of the other and walk to something other than your refrigerator.” 2) Is there any proof that civic pride in our capital city has to do with the health of its citizens? Why, you’ll probably be surprised to learn I was just discussing with my husband yesterday what my reply should be to the people in LWC that call our capital “To-puke-a” or offer me condolences because I live in Topeka. I was also wondering why Topeka seems to have more crime than LWC. (Cripes, I suppose Topeka citizens being fat causes people to rob quick shops and set houses on fire.) I’m hoping for a beautiful downtown, too. Loved the riverwalk idea. 3) Folks looking down their noses at those of us that are not living up to the “healthy” standards forced down our throats daily do not do anything to help the situation. 4) There are more reasons to be proud of oneself than the shell. Thankfully, I’ve found a few. In conclusion, I must say wow. Pretty shallow and judgmental. I’ll get my health advice from my physician, thank you. – Ann Morris P.S. Sorry I’m costing my entire country more for insurance. That $80 million would go a long way towards fixing the economy. Not to worry though, I’ll die earlier they say, so it evens out.

  3. jeffjacobsen says:

    Ann: Thank you for your response. We will continue to disagree, but I welcome your thoughts and feel it is important for people to comment both positively and negatively. I am fully aware that out of the 40,000 Topekans classified as obese, there are those that are fighting serious health issues that lead to their condition. However, I believe the vast majority of that staggering number could do much more to improve their health. Finally, I have lived in Topeka for most of my nearly 61 years. My wife and I both work at KU, but we choose to continue to live in Topeka over Lawrence and commute daily. I am a proud to live in Topeka. Best wishes to you and thank you again for your thoughts.

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