Stone Them

Imagine stoning someone to death. Think of the pain stone after stone would inflict in this ancient form of capital punishment. Then think about the scum from Penn State being thrown into a pit as their helpless young victims pick up stones and take aim. That would certainly be cruel. However, even that torture could never come close to matching the pain these young boys have suffered.

Justice will be done in the hereafter. Hopefully now, after all these years, justice will also be done here on earth. Stoning, sadly, is not an option, but my anger is such that I can wish. Of course, the chief perpetrator, who name I refuse to even mention, should soon discover that in the confines of prison system, pedophiles are the lowest form of life. Even that still seems unjust in comparison.

Football coaches love to talk about shaping men. Somehow, before a coach can honestly shape men, that man needs to truly be a man not a total degenerate. It would help if the rest of the scum could have at least been man enough to take immediate action to stop such atrocities from ever happening again. There should never be a moment of support for the men who turned their backs on the most helpless in a time of great need.


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5 Responses to Stone Them

  1. That picture is unclear. Those two men may actually be holding blobs of French clay and they are giving the man a beauty massage.

    It would explain why his head is shining like that.

  2. Wayne Zachary says:


  3. Reminds me of another stoning story…so thankful for the gracious outcome that one represents, even though it’s nearly impossible to think about extending that grace to some one like this.

  4. noahracer says:

    The hereafter and any god doesn’t work fast enough. Well, maybe Zeus did, but he’s been gone for a few hundred years.
    Public stocks and stoning are a good alternative.

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