Grandparents To Be! Can That Be?

Yes it is true. There in the sonogram at right beats the heart of Laura’s and my first grandchild. Daughter Julie is pregnant. With God’s blessings, Julie and husband Tim will be parents around May 15th. The sight of our grandchild makes our hearts pound away almost as fast as the baby’s, a remarkable 176 beats a minute. This really is amazing and a great joy for us.

We have known about the pregnancy since early September, but modern protocol is to wait at least 10 weeks to publicly announce the pregnancy for the mother’s and baby’s welfare. All the joy, hugs and excitement took place in our dining room weeks ago, but now with mother and baby both well and everyone happy, we can proudly announce that we will be grandparents soon. Wow. It really has been tough not to run around telling everyone.

Julie and Tim made it known even before their June marriage that they hoped to start a family quickly. They kept reminding us they were both getting old. How funny.

Old? Right now I am feeling way too young to be a grandfather. That is nervous joy over the task of being a grandfather. Imagine how Laura feels? It was not that long ago that Laura’s parents were hoping we would provide them with a grandchild. It is exciting and thrilling – as well as scary. At least as long as we are around, the youngster will always have good bikes to ride and willing training partners. However, our grandchild will have to learn quickly that our “Happy Meal” is a post-workout recovery drink or a fruit smoothie.

There is so much to come for all of us. We must start with prayer. Fabulous joys and amazing tests of faith fill our lives. We expect more of the same in the coming months and years. With our Savior as our guiding force and strength, we will be ready to share in this blessing together. Thanks be to God.


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2 Responses to Grandparents To Be! Can That Be?

  1. Earl Richardson says:

    You’re going to love being a grandparent. Teresa and I are having a blast with it.

  2. Wayne Zachary says:

    Congratulations!!! There is absolutely nothing like them…you spoil them, then send them home to their parents, LOL!

    Lorretta and I anticipate our 10th grandchild in early april. We hope for a boy to even it out at 5 girls, 5 boys, bu of course we’ll be happy with either.

    Again, congrats!


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