The sky was darkening. Sunset was just moments away. A Southwestern Airlines flight out of Kansas City flew directly overhead on its way west. The last beams of the day’s sun illuminated the streaking jet and its long contrail.

Flying today has become a chore and far from romantic. Yet, the thought of boarding a jet to begin a new adventure continues to fascinate someone filled with unending wanderlust like me. As the winds battered away at ground level last week, the long, watery chalk lines of the contrail testified that at 30,000 feet in the sky, the flight was amazingly smooth.

Never can I look at a jet and its contrail and not wonder, “Where are you going?” This contrail reminded me that it has been too long since Laura’s and my last adventure. Time to take flight and get going soon.


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3 Responses to Contrail

  1. Joey Terrill says:

    Brilliant, as always, Jeff! I look forward to every post 🙂

  2. Earl Richardson says:


  3. Scott Weaver says:


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