Come Blow Your Horn

Thomas Robinson in the weight room getting ready for the basketball season.

Louis Armstrong

When the great jazz trumpet player and singer Louis Armstrong blew his horn, his cheeks puffed out to such a size it seemed as though two oranges had filled them. That thought struck me as KU basketball player Thomas Robinson knocked off a set of squats Tuesday during a weight lifting session. With his cheeks puffed out and his lips pursed Robinson seemed capable of blowing his own trumpet.

Robinson and the other players were readying for the upcoming basketball season by putting themselves in the hands of KU’s honored strength and conditioning coach Andrea Hudy. The strains of grunts and groans is the only music Hudy wants to hear now. There is no time for any one player to blow his own horn.

Historians say Armstrong loved his nickname “Satchmo,” a shortened version of “satchel mouth” that developed during his youth. Seems the size of his puffed cheeks reminded others of “satchels” used to carry wares.

Surely, there are many that hope Robinson, who passed on the lure of the NBA to return for his junior season, can carry a relatively young and unproven KU team in his bountiful athletic satchel this winter. Come March, maybe then, they can puff out their cheeks and blow their horns as wonderfully as Armstrong.


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