The Rhyme and Reason of Summer

Collecting hay bales southeast of Lawrence.

With temperatures soaring into the triple digit range, it is hard not to run into people complaining about the heat. After my years in Arizona’s summers, a few days in the 100s are fine with me. Think back six months to the hard winter awaiting us. Who in their right mind would want to trade July 1 for January 1?

Rapids flow in a creek northwest of Topeka.

Here is the best evidence possible why summer is always better than winter – the music and lyrics of our lives. Think how good you feel when you hear  the Lovin’ Spoonful’s Summer in the City. Try standing still when Sly and Family Stone crank up Hot Fun in the Summertime or War’s horn section gets you swaying to the soulful sound of SummerThose Lazy Hazy Days of Summer sung in the smooth baritone of Nat King Cole delighted anyone sitting outdoors in the ’60s long before central air.

From Chad and Jeremy’s A Summer Song in the ’60s, through Bryan Adams’ The Summer of ’69 right up to Justin Timberlake’s Summer Love in 2007, the memories of summer’s fleeting ardor are sure to make you sweat even in the dead cold of winter.

The thought of a girl in an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini proves there is no rhyme to the same girl in a big and bulky yellow North Face puffy jacket. Try warming yourself with these titles – Cold, Cold Heart or Gray December or Hazy Shade of Winter. Give me Billy Stewart’s tongue-twisting vocals on Summertime anytime.

The grass is green, the crops are growing, the water is flowing. Rides far and wide delight me. On runs, my dog lopes alongside me. A blanket, the stars and my wonderful wife enlivens me. Summertime, thank you for the golden glow on the outside and inside me.

Rows of crops between Topeka and Lawrence.

Rocket cooling off after a run.


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