A Wedding Toast For Julie and Tim

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Phillips

In the course of a lifetime, a father of faith will offer up many prayers for his children.  Julie, I have prayed for you often.

Foremost among those prayers is that you would grow up in the knowledge of the Christ’s saving grace, that the Holy Spirit would fill your heart in times of joy and sorrow and that your heavenly father would guide your life.

Another prayer would be that in God’s time and place, you would find a man of faith to fill your life with happiness for today and hope for a future together. With God as the cornerstone of your marriage, our Savior answered those prayers for you, and my heart leaps with joy.

My thanks ring out to you, Tim, for being a man of faith ready to take on the responsibilities of a life shared in the Lord’s forgiveness and salvation.

My prayers will never stop for you both. With all the love in my heart, and in Laura’s heart, may I toast your marriage with my first prayer for you as man and wife with these words from Numbers 6:

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord’s face shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

                            On Saturday, June 11, Tim Phillips and Julie Jacobsen became man and wife                                                                                              at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Topeka, Kansas.

About jeffjacobsen

Thank you for reading my blog, Here I Stand. You can read all about me, my wife and my family on the Family page. God bless and keep you.
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2 Responses to A Wedding Toast For Julie and Tim

  1. Congrats to the couple, and to the proud parents!

  2. Tom Pflug says:

    I echo Jeff’s blessing. Best wishes from Dorothy and me. Blessings always. Tom

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