88bikes – Another Photo To Cherish

The boy that received our donated bike in Mozambique (88bikes)

This is the third time I have written about 88bikes in the 22 months of this blog’s history. Take a long look at the face of the boy who can now ride a bicycle donated by us through the marvelous efforts of 88bikes. The boy’s face displays a completely different look than the face of the girl who received our bike last year in Vietnam.

Dan Austin, a co-founder of 88bikes, wrote to us about the bike recently presented to the boy in Mozambique. He assured us that the bike was “received with every bit of gratitude and enthusiasm, albeit muted” as was our first bike. He related how difficult life is for the 200 orphans that received new donated bikes. The group had to walk 15 miles from an isolated village over roads suitable only for walking, and now, thankfully, cycling.

Mercifully, Laura’s and my time on a bike stems from rich blessings that allow us to ride with very few worries or cares. We can only pray that in some way our donated bike will provide the boy in Mozambique with some of the same joys we find while pedaling. We hope the uncertainty in the boy’s face has now been replaced with a broad smile.

Our thanks go out to the efforts of everyone associated with 88bikes. It is well worth your time to go to the 88bikes web site and read the remarkable history of the organization that uses 100% of every donation to buy, assemble and deliver the two-wheeled wonders that I have always associated with the word “freedom.”

Finally, take one more look at the young boy’s face, count your blessings and think what $88 can do to put a smile on the face of a child in need of some two-wheeled “freedom.”

The website for 88bikes. Previous stories on 88bikes here and here.

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