These Are Their Faces

Often I mention that the absolute best part of my career with Kansas Athletics has been the association with so many wonderful student-athletes.  Each is a blessing from the Lord. Truly, they do keep me young.

It is my privilege to document their careers at Kansas. In kind, so many have thanked me and Laura for our efforts. Somehow, I wanted to honor these fine young people.

Beginning each June, nearly 500 student-athletes have their head-and-shoulders portrait taken. Honestly, these are nothing more than quick mug shots. This past year, those sessions included an extra little twist from the normal routine.

Designer Beau White and I created this quick video shown at Monday night’s annual Senior and Scholar Banquet. However, the fun at the end of the video is due to the many great young people. With my thanks then – these are their faces.


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3 Responses to These Are Their Faces

  1. Jeromie Stephens says:

    When I was an Army basic training drill sergeant, my CO knew I learned that I was a photographer. He wanted mug shots of all the privates in his company (usually 240 per cycle). He kept a small file on each for tracking training and personal data. He wanted the photos just in case one of them ran away (we usually had at least 1-2 per cycle that would try to run off due to being home sick). They always were found, and they almost always made it to graduation. We’d line them up in alphabetical order and I’d shoot them all in about 10 minutes.

    Your story reminded me of this. Thanks.

  2. Scott Weaver says:

    Brilliant. . .

  3. genecassell says:

    Awesome! … might have to borrow that for something I was working on … credit to you and Beau

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