A Much Needed Romp With Rocket


Rocket by the one-room school at the History Museum

Cabin fever struck hard today. I had to get Rocket out for a romp in the woods. Both of us were going stir crazy.

I have been working hard to catch up on a full production load after a busy month of shooting. There is another long list of games, meets and assignments set for the rest of the week and into early February. It all has left me rather brain drained. I had to get outside.

Crossing the snow-covered suspension bridge

Rocket has spent lots of time sitting on the couch in the living room staring out the front window longing for a run. He rests his head so sadly on the back of the couch as he gazes out. His pose is the perfect “woe is me” look. I had hoped to do a bit of riding outside today, but had to show some mercy to my good friend. Together we drove out for another long walk at the Kansas History Museum in west Topeka off I-70.

We had gone out Sunday night with Laura and Kelly. The moonlight was so bright shining off the deep snow that we really did not need our headlamps. There are a series of twisting trails that wind through the woods. Rocket raced so far ahead of us that we were thankful we purchased a small blinking light for his nocturnal adventures. It makes tracking Rocket much easier. He loves the night and was fully amped. He would pick up a scent and race off with high hopes of finding deer. Meanwhile our steps were slowed by deep snow that forced us into an exaggerated high-step routine.

Today, we found that others had followed our path since Sunday. The trail was easier to negotiate in the light but not quite as exhilarating. We both moved quickly over certain sections and then lingered at others as Rocket explored, and I made a few simple snapshots.

Fire wood stacked outside the school

At the one-room school house on the museum grounds, Rocket frightened two field mice. Slowed to a snail’s pace by the cold and snow, the two mice struggled to find security from the black beast more intrigued than menacing. Still, I chased Rocket away and let the mice find new hiding places.

As we made our way back to the car, the sun had warmed us and our spirits had been lifted by the crisp winter air. I’ll ride over to Lawrence Thursday, ahead of the great night of KU athletes showing off skills – beyond their usual sports – during the annual JayRock talent show.

This afternoon was about the fun of being with Rocket out in the woods.

Rows of benches along the History Museum trails


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