Camping In

Camping in the Studio

The heavy snows that slammed northeast Kansas Wednesday made a late-night drive from Lawrence to Topeka not worth the risk. A basketball game prevented an early escape for home. So, I’ll be camping in.

KU’s women’s basketball team was handily defeated tonight by Baylor, the nation’s #1 team. Almost 1,500 fans braved the snow-packed streets of Lawrence to get to the game. KU doesn’t draw huge crowds for their games, but they do have very loyal and dedicated fans. Looking at the various sections of Allen Fieldhouse, it easy to pick out the faces of the same people sitting in the same seats. They were there in 1997 when I first started at KU and were still there tonight despite the heavy snow storm.

Brittany Griner

Many came to see Baylor’s All-America star Brittany Griner. The 6-8 sophomore was unstoppable on both ends of the court. She had a double-double in the first half and finished with 22 points, 15 rebounds and five blocks. Griner isn’t Baylor’s lone star. Their balanced team is very deserving of their ranking. The likely National Championship battle between Baylor, Stanford and Connecticut has all the makings of an epic.

KU’s team is young but talented. Tonight, they were no match for the Bears. In the next few years, KU should mature and be a far tougher matchup for Griner (if she doesn’t leave school early) and Baylor when they come back to Lawrence in 2013.  I’ll look forward to that matchup.

Time to shut things down, lay out my floor mat in the studio and crawl into the sleeping bag I wisely brought with me this morning. I am hoping for a long winter’s nap. Nothing like the great indoors.


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2 Responses to Camping In

  1. You’re always welcome to crash here. Laura, too. We have 3 bedrooms not being used right now.

  2. jeffjacobsen says:

    I’ll remember that. However, if I can get up the hills through campus then down the slippery slope to your house, I might as well go home. The hard part would be over. Seriously, thanks much.

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