Dinner at the Row House

The excellent Row House Restaurant in Topeka was our dining choice Wednesday night for our anniversary. It gave us a chance to dress up for dinner and the food is simply the best. That combination led to a very wonderful evening.

Set in one of a series of old Brooklyn-style row houses two blocks west of downtown, the restaurant features two stories of small dining rooms along with a basement lounge. The pace of service is leisurely which allows conversations to draw out and bloom in ways never possible in Topeka’s usual chain-restaurant settings.

The menu changes often. On Wednesday, a taste of the full menu is available. We started with a salad of baby greens, strawberries, feta, pecans and poppyseed vinaigrette. Our soup was a small bowl of creamy tomato dill which was Laura’s favorite.

The entrees featured a vegetarian delight called Spanikopita, a spinach feta pie with a salad of cucumber. Outstanding. The other entrees were a pan-seared halibut with a delicious white wine butter sauce and beef medallions topped with Worschestershire vinaigrette and fennel. The root vegetable hash made eating beets and rutabaga a delight. Easily my favorite of the night. Heaven knows I need to eat more vegetables. The rutabaga had to be a first. Wish I had the recipe.

Desserts featured a mocha chocolate brownie, a vanilla bean creme brulee and a berry peach crumble with whipped sour cream. Laura loved the crumble. The lightness of the brulee was the winner for me. All the portions were perfectly sized so that we left feeling satisfied but not so full that the rest of the evening’s fun was compromised.

If you live in Topeka or are in the area, make sure you get a reservation. You won’t be disappointed. The Row House Restaurant is open Wednesday through Saturday.

As for the photo, just skip past me and take in Laura. Years ago, the legendary former Topeka High basketball coach Willie Nicklin said upon meeting Laura that I had proved  “the blind squirrel can indeed find the acorn.” I am still thanking the Lord nine years later for that bit of good fortune. That and the fact that Laura is actually the one that is blind – blinded by love.


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