A Civil War?

The Jacobsens at the 2006 Big 12 Championship in Kansas City (Scott McClurg)

A fun week in the Jacobsen household is at hand. It is official. Nebraska and Oklahoma will meet in the final Big 12 Championship in Dallas. As the two teams prepare to meet, Laura and I will be getting down in our three-point stances preparing for some helmet-to-helmet contact over our favorite teams’ final clash.

Surely security will be very high in Dallas as all those terrorized Big 12 Conference leaders will be hunkering down in their office’s bunker as the evil Red horde from the terrorist state of Nebraska invades, intent on massacre. Watching the Huskers’ game against Colorado, I am sure I saw Osama Bin Laden in the stands wearing a red turban with a white “N.”

Hopefully things won’t be quite as bad along 9th Street, but there have already been a few small skirmishes of words with Laura claiming I fired the first shots across her gorgeous bow.

After Saturday night’s dismantling of Oklahoma State, Laura’s Sooners seem to be armed with all the needed weapons of mass destruction. Oklahoma chewed on T. Boone’s Boys like they were “Pickens” off a big “T Bone.” True to the “Bedlam” moniker, the Cowboys fired all their bullets but too many were blanks.

Meanwhile, in the final battle between the two best mascots, Nebraska’s Lil’ Red easily downed Ralphie the Buffalo from that other traitor school – Colorado. As much as I’d like to take heart in that performance, it still was against Colorado, the same Colorado that KU torched for 35 points in one quarter. No need for Bo to blow.

The M.A.S.H. unit on the Husker’s sideline will be taking care of too much Nebraska offense for my liking, so the game from a Nebraska standpoint will have to look similiar to last year’s 10-3 Husker victory in Lincoln. I’ll be counting on another stifling Husker defensive performance and a guerilla-warfare attack from Rex Burkhead.

Laura hopes to see the Sooner Schooner racing around Jerry’s World like some sort of twisted amusement park ride. I’m hoping somehow the Huskers can force that wagon to stay in its barn and that those scary-loud shotguns their RUF/NEKS fire will be filled with nothing more than Dan BBs.

No matter what the outcome, Nebraska versus Oklahoma is the way the Big 12 should end. The two giants of the old Big 8 lining up one final time. Both Laura and I hope to see a classic battle both on the field and in our own personal civil war.


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4 Responses to A Civil War?

  1. Laura says:

    Boomer Sooner!

  2. Julie Jacobsen says:

    Husker Power! I will be watching that game far away from both of you…not just to avoid the rivalry but the way you pick at the Huskers expecting perfection really cramps my positive rooting style.

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