Earlier this fall, I photographed a beautiful sunflower field east of Lawrence and then spent an early morning with the KU rowing team on the Kansas River. Now you can see what came from both of those shoots. This is a KU poster I truly love. The poster is beautiful, but what I’ll remember is the teamwork that helped make the poster a delight.

KU’s rowing coach Rob Catloth wanted a poster that incorporated sunflowers. Coach Catloth has an art background and can paint quite a picture in his mind. The only problem is that the art he envisions isn’t always that easy to do in reality. One afternoon Catloth and I sat down in my studio with the athletic department’s gifted graphic designer Beau White.

That discussion lasted an hour and was filled with a great flow of ideas. All sorts of different concepts were brought forth until we settled on the final idea. Credit goes to Catloth for his willingness to discuss his hopes and desires yet allow Beau and I to be creative in our work.

You can see the three different sunflower photos taken to create the look of the boat rowing on water filled with sunflowers. Some of those images were purposely panned at very slow shutter speeds to add a sense of motion. The other images helped create a feel for the boat in a sunflower field. These were put together wonderfully by White to create what I believe is a very unique poster. It combines the beauty of rowing and sunflowers, which are the state flower of Kansas.

What I will remember long after this poster’s display has run its course is the free-flowing discussion that led us to the final poster. I wish this happened all the time. My thanks go to Rob Catloth for the inspiration and to Beau White for combining it all in a wonderful poster I hope everyone will enjoy.


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