Rocket and “The Blob”

Rocket Post-Surgery

Rocket underwent extensive lipoma surgery Monday morning. Nothing life-threatening, but it required Rocket to be opened from stem to stern on his left side. He is very, very sore right now. Laura and I are trading shifts to make sure he is well cared for as he recovers.

Lipomas are rather bizarre. These masses of fat grow rapidly in some dogs and rarely in others. Labs are particularly prone to these benign masses. Rocket’s weight had gone up a year ago before we switched to an excellent senior dog food from iVet. With his weight down to the level his veterinarian recommended, we began to notice one of lipomas growing to size of The Blob. The 1958 cult classic wasn’t as scary as the size of Rocket’s growing mass. We knew it had to come out along with another we began to see growing. Our outstanding vet Bryan Stancliffe, at The Animal Clinic of North Topeka, found two other smaller masses before he closed up Rocket.

The Blobs

Dr. Stancliffe delighted in showing off the masses after the surgery while assuring us that in the coming weeks Rocket will recover rapidly. Right now, though, Rocket is moving very slowly and sleeping as soundly as I wish I could. His thick coat has been shaved on the left side which is lined with stitches and staples. He’s sporting a “wife-beater” tank to cover the stitches and a temporary drainage tube. So far there has been no need for the always embarrassing neck cone.

At nine-years-old Rocket has been running with us for over eight of those years.  It is hard to remember running in Topeka without him. We are going to have to quietly sneak out of the house and change our clothes in the car if we are to get any runs in during the coming weeks. We’ll be praying for a rapid recovery so that Rocket will be back out with us soon, looking lean and trim again.


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2 Responses to Rocket and “The Blob”

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  2. Nancy says:

    Thanks for your message about Rocket. I cannot believe how much your dog looks like my Slippers. She is a 17 year old beagle/spaniel cross with many huge blogs. I would love to send you some pictures of her. She is in pretty good shape for an old girl but no way for surgery.


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