The Sunflower State

A Sunflower - The Kansas state flower

Surprisingly, we don’t see the Kansas state flower that often, but when we do, the beauty of a field of sunflowers is always spectacular.

Right now take highway 24/40 east out of North Lawrence past the airport.  Follow the road towards Tonganoxie and in five miles on the left a wonderful field of sunflowers awaits.  Everyone is free to wander through the acres of wild flowers and take pictures.  Watch out for the bees.  Also, remember that sunflowers track the sun across the sky.  The mornings are better to view the bright, glorious colors.

This a wonderful gift given by some caring individuals.  There is a small free-will donation box behind the farm house if you look for it.  It is well worth the trip and a few dollars to enjoy these natural wonders that make Kansas the Sunflower State.

Sunflowers between Lawrence and Tonganoxie

Rocket had fun with a horse and Laura made a nice remote photo of us


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2 Responses to The Sunflower State

  1. Always fun stuff. I was blown away when I saw this field last year. It’s amazing how blue the sky is when these blooms are contrasted against it.

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