Laura Looking Good

Laura's Shiner 24 Hours Later

Check out the welt on Laura’s cheek bone.  About the size of a ping pong ball.  That’s not exactly how Laura’s trip to the doctor was supposed to go today.   The simple removal of two moles on Laura’s back turned into something much more.

On her way to the doctor, Laura stopped by to pick me up.  I planned on dropping her off before going to the grocery store and then returning to pick her up.  I had joked with her that I’d come in with her if needed which she quickly dismissed.  Who knows?  Maybe I could have caught Laura as she tumbled off the examining table face first.

Shortly after having two local anesthetic injections, Laura was discussing our recent gravel road rides with the doctor when she realized she wasn’t feeling that well.  She asked for a cup of water.  She thought about laying down as her vision started to darken. Turning back to look at the table was the last thing she remembered.  Her next memory was the doctor and a nurse right in her face checking on her well being.  Laura had been out only a short time and recovered quickly enough to have the moles removed.

Recovering from the embarrassment?  That’s going to take a lot longer.  I had just walked into the waiting room when Laura emerged from the back with an ice pack held to her cheek and a security guard escorting her.  I thought to myself, “She didn’t come in to have anything done to her face did she?”  Laura said there was real shock on my face.

Ice, Ice Baby

Of course, once the story was detailed, the shock was replaced by roaring laughter when she revealed the growing lump.  Both of us began cracking up over the bizarre nature of her mishap.  I kidded with her that she didn’t have to go to such extremes to keep from running with me and Rocket in the 100 degree heat.

We have a fabulous doctor in Matthew Bohm.  Bohm specializes in sports medicine and is the team physician for Washburn University athletics and the Topeka Roadrunner hockey team as well as a very active rugby player.  Our entire family has benefited from Bohm’s desire to keep us active in our athletic pursuits with the bare minimum of medical assistance.  We truly are thankful for his wonderful care.

That’s why as the hours have passed, Laura’s concern has had more to do with embarrassing Dr. Bohm than with the bruising of her cheek bone.  Bohm had carefully explained that many athletes he works with, including Laura, have low blood pressure and minimal body fat that often leads to such episodes.  Of course, Laura’s failure to eat much lunch today might have been a factor too.

Once again, we have been blessed that nothing more serious occured.  There’s only one real embarrassing moment left.  Tomorrow we meet the family of Julie’s fiancee, Tim. Laura will be looking good.


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One Response to Laura Looking Good

  1. Scott Weaver says:

    You both make quite the team. . .
    Two weeks ago I was reading about Jeff’s head injury and now it’s Laura’s turn.
    I’m glad everyone is okay and laughing about it now.
    God bless.

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