Time Has Come Today

Kaitlyn Cunningham

Like the old classic Chambers Brothers drum introduction, the clock ticks off the seconds that ushers in the lead singer’s declaration that “Time has come today.”  For me, my internal clock has been ticking off the weeks, days, hours and seconds that lead to the official start of my work year.  Yes, today I kicked it off with soccer – which is always a kick.  As the song goes on to say, “young hearts can go their way.”  There’s just something about the soccer team that brings a smile to my face and laughter to the shoot.  And, this year, there actually was a kick to remember.

Photos are taken of the team members showing off their soccer skills like the excellent one you see from Kaitlyn Cunningham.  These are always fun for both the player and the photographer.  However, some of the freshman, as only freshman can, struggle a bit with the concept.  That leads me to ask them to start with something basic.  Player after player might dribble which after a few players is as boring as dribble.  That led me to ask freshman Maryl Behm to try kicking the ball to a location to the side of me in the studio.  When I told her, “Don’t worry about me,” Behm took that literally.

Maryl Behm's kick

The same adidas ball used in the recent World Cup made quite an impression on my forehead as the brand new soccer ball smashed into my camera and the camera into my face.  Nice little slice to the head that totally embarrassed Behm but had the rest roaring with laughter and checking out the blood running down my nose.

photo by Laura Jacobsen

Other than that, no harm – no foul to the camera and the shoot went on because as the song also says, “my soul has been psychedelicized.”  Another year is at hand.  My time has come today.

You can hear the Chambers Brothers’ classic Time Has Come Today here.


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2 Responses to Time Has Come Today

  1. Ouch ! Sounds like a lucky shot for both of you. Don’t know if you ever heard the story about John Iacono getting hit in the mouth with a baseball. He was shooting in the pit, the second baseman threw hard to first (first baseman missed the catch) – ball drilled John in the mouth. Hurt him pretty bad. Anyway, I think the original story was on sportsshooter.com a few years ago.

    Be careful and enjoy your new Work Year !

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