This Is The Day The Lord Has Made

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

I do believe that we should always rejoice and be glad in every day the Lord has made.  Still, there are some days that make rejoicing and being glad in it just so much easier.  Yesterday was one of those days.

Laura had a brilliant idea.  She suggested that instead of our usual long ride outside of Topeka that we drive over to Manhattan and ride in the Flint Hills.  We did and are so much happier because of it.  On a quiet Memorial Day, we rode in light breezes under blue skies filled with brilliant white clouds.  We took the McDowell Creek road that winds south from Manhattan through rich Kansas River bottom land filled with a variety of lush crops.  The farm houses and barns gleamed in the afternoon light.

After gently climbing up from the verdant valley floor, we passed over I-70 and into the beginning of the Flint Hills.  We stopped briefly at the abandoned St. Joseph’s Church and its small cemetery decorated with flowers in memory of loved ones.  The miles that took us further south were for the most part nondescript until we began our journey east and into the rolling pastures that make the Flint Hills a natural wonder that rivals any in the world.  Until we reached Highway 177 and headed back north to Manhattan we saw only a few cars and two other cyclists.  Laura and I rode along together in the peaceful setting appreciating all the wonders and joys the Lord has bestowed on us.

We finished off the 40 mile ride rolling up and down 177 with the cattle keeping a close eye on us as we passed.  Approaching Manhattan we tucked into our most aerodynamic positions and blitzed back down the last hill into Manhattan.  Cleaned up, we took Highway 24 back to Topeka at an easy pace cruising along in the joy that came with this day the Lord had made.  We rejoiced and were glad to have been out in it.

Hope yours was good too.


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One Response to This Is The Day The Lord Has Made

  1. Mike Van Dyke says:

    Jeff, I went back and finished reading 100% of your blog. This is some good stuff. Alot of different stories and issues, etc. dealt with, great photos, etc. I am duly impressed, brother. Not that I haven’t always been for that matter, but this material sure is entertaining and enjoyable to read. Everytime I turn around someone I know is generating special & noteworthy product. Like I said @ Eagle Rock Lodge, it can give a person an inferiority complex. I guess my best attribute is that I have a knack for running around with the right people – the kind who know who you are but for some strange reason like you anyway !?! In the end, if I can make a difference in my grandkid’s lives and keep most of my adult friends from disowning me, then I will have accomplished all I ever really need to. And as always, I continue to pray for mercy, not justice. Looking forward to the next edition, oh wizard of blogwood!

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