One of the things I love about sports is that there is always a chance for redemption.  A player can be great one day, awful the next and right back to great again the next.  No one can rest on past laurels.

Here’s KU right fielder Casey Lytle last Friday dropping a fly ball in right field.  Lytle dropped two in the game.  His embarrassment was lessened only slightly by the fact KU won the ball game. Yet, by Sunday, those gaffes were long forgotten as Lytle delivered  the game winning hit in extra innings to cap a great KU comeback in the last weekend’s sweep of hated Missouri.  For his efforts, Lytle was smacked in the face with a towel filled with shaving cream.  His smile shining through all the shaving cream said it all about redemption.

The old cliche from my newspaper days was that the paper of today would be lining the bird cage tomorrow – meaning forgotten.  That applies to athletes and photographers.  I am only as good as my next picture.  In photo seminars, I concentrate my presentation on photographs only from the current year.  Hanging onto past “magic,” as I call a good photo, has no point.  Today is another day to be good or bad.  KU takes on another big rival in Kansas Sate this weekend.  Lytle’s hit from last Sunday is now meaningless as are the photographs I made.

In the movie A League of Their Own, the manager tells the star player that the game of baseball is “supposed to be hard.  The hard is what makes it great.”  Taking good photos is hard too but that hard makes it great.  I truly am blessed by my Savior to have the opportunities to do what I love so much for so long.  I pray I can come close to being great tonight.

Yet, whenever I want to puff my chest out over a good photo, I pray I can remember what friend and minister Jon Bruss wrote to me today about a past sermon I had praised.  He wrote, “A good sermon should always confirm what the justified already know and unseat the idols that even the justified erect in their own hearts.”  Amen.


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