A Photo to Cherish Thanks to 88 Bikes

Click on the photo for details on Onynh and her new bike

What a joy to open the envelope from 88 Bikes and find the wonderful photo you see at right.  The smile on the young girl’s face as she holds a photo of me and Laura is one we will always cherish.  We are so proud to have donated a bicycle to Onynh through the efforts of 88 Bikes.

In December, I wrote about 88 Bikes and their efforts to provide the wonder of a bicycle to children of the world rescued from the horrors of slave trade.  Since buying one of their bicycles, we have anxiously awaited the arrival of the photo showing the young child that received our bike.  Now, it is here and will be framed shortly.   Our donation of another bike goes along with this blog post.

I am especially proud that the bicycle goes to Onynh in Vietnam.  My generation suffered through the confusing Vietnam War that tore at the very fiber of this nation.  The war’s damage still seems almost irreparable both here and in Vietnam.  It is my sincere hope  that thanks to 88 Bikes some small joys can come from so much sorrow.  We hope others can find $88 to buy a bike and offer the freedom a bicycle brings to those once confined to slavery.  Enjoy the ride Onynh.


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6 Responses to A Photo to Cherish Thanks to 88 Bikes

  1. Kelly says:

    I love this photo so much! Her big smile is contagious! Can’t wait to see who gets the next bike!

  2. jeffjacobsen says:

    Thanks Kelly for the comment and the 88 Bikes tweet. I really do feel this is a wonderful and very worthy charity to help children that have truly suffered. God bless you and them.

  3. Neal says:

    Are you planning anything in the Danang area?

  4. Martin fano says:

    Great..I am waiting for my picture. I have also donated another bike and plan to donate one per quarter for the foreseeable future. Wonderful organization.

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