KU Men’s Basketball Time Lapse

2009-10 KU Men’s Basketball Time Lapse

A Challenge. That was what I was looking for when I decided to create the time lapse you can see via this link. I wanted to do something different in my coverage of KU men’s basketball. I needed to challenge myself. The result was shown at last night’s basketball banquet and received a very positive response. It has been posted on the KU web site blog and 631 plays were recorded in the first 90 minutes. That is very cool.  I also appreciate the very kind comments from Bill Self and the KU coaching staff.

Gene Cassell, the media relations director at Washburn University, had sent me a link to a beautiful time lapse done by Robert Caplin during the sixth and final game of the Yankees’ World Series victory this past fall. I had done some experiments with time lapse late in the 2008-09 KU basketball season, and was interested in the possibilities. After seeing Caplin’s work, I decided I needed to give it a try.

Over 10,000 photographs were taken with 1,315 making the final edit. Those 10,000 photographs don’t count the individual action images taken for my duties at KU.  Many of those were used in the time lapse you see. It was a very busy season. Many portions of the time lapse were taken with cameras mounted in locations before the game and fired at set intervals by a timer. The fans entering Allen or the overall concession stand photographs are examples of those. Others were fired by hand which made things more difficult. The drummer and pep band sequences,the team entrance to the court and Sherron Collins introduction are examples of those.

My intent had been to also learn how to put a time lapse together in a video editing. That proved impossible. My shooting schedule has been amazingly intense since basketball ended. Thank goodness for Beau White’s interest. Beau, our graphic designer, jumped in and saw this through to the end. I owe him a great deal for his dedication since editing is a long and thankless effort. As well, many of Laura’s fine action images were used in the players’ game action portions. If you look fast, you’ll see her shooting next to Big Jay in the video. I slip photos of her into a lot of my work just because I love her and owe her so much. Laura knows how stressful this proved to be and how I questioned my abilities so often. I appreciate her support immensely.

While I am very pleased with the outcome, I am far from satisfied. I see so many areas where things should have been better and am frustrated I didn’t do better. Part of the reason for the challenge was to better myself as a photographer. The hope is that should another time lapse be done again, it will be far better the next time. Until then, I hope you will enjoy this time lapse. Thanks for taking a look.


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One Response to KU Men’s Basketball Time Lapse

  1. Beau White says:

    This was a great learning experience. Now I want to make a time lapse of everything. I mowed the yard the other day and wanted to set up a camera. It was one of my favorite projects I have done, thanks for working with me on it.

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