A Geology Lesson

Take a look at this satellite photo of this dried up river and its tributaries.  It was shot from the amazing height of about five feet during my orbital path around the Stateland cross country course on a a run with Rocket recently.  A miniature  geology lesson.  All the snows this winter and the resulting drainage started their gravity-forced journey cutting their way through the grass on a path of least resistance.  There are many such examples scattered around the trails.

It is fascinating to study them and think of the rivers that have been created in the same fashion on a much larger and grander scale.  The headwaters are clearly evident at the top.  Headwaters are formed when the surface runoff meets resistance and begin to create rills, then grow to streams, brooks and finally rivers.

We live in a fascinating world and are blessed through the study of our world.  I stand in awe of all the grandeur that I have seen in my travels, but am just as amazed by something as small as this this natural wonder just off a running trail in Topeka.  I am thankful that we have done so much to preserve natural wonders in national parks and support all efforts to preserve them for all times.  Locally, I am just as proud of Topeka for the preservation of major green space right in the city.  Whether it is in the Shunga Park area, Stateland, the Governor’s Mansion grounds or the State History Museum trail system, a Topekan can enjoy nature at its finest just minutes from their homes.

Rocket has bound through tall grass in pursuit of deer.  On a cold, snowy run on a dirt trail bordering the Shunga Creek, a fox sped just in front of me with Rocket right on its tail before the fox fled over the frozen Shunga creek leaving Rocket sliding out of control on the frozen surface.  He’s gone nose-to-nose with a huge snapping turtle and just missed having his snout pinched as I sprinted up to chase Rocket away.  Snakes have startled us in the spring and the large tracks of animals in snow this past winter foretold us of the dead and mauled deer Rocket discovered in a treed area of Stateland just this week.

I have always loved being outdoors even if means nothing more than soaking up some sun.  Those feelings only grow stronger as I write just a day before another birthday.  I pray the Lord will bless me with many more years to see the wonders of this world both big and small and always take the time to stop, enjoy and marvel.


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Thank you for reading my blog, Here I Stand. You can read all about me, my wife and my family on the Family page. God bless and keep you.
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3 Responses to A Geology Lesson

  1. Laura says:

    Happy Birthday, Dear. Love you.

  2. Ron Torrence says:

    Jeffy J— Happy Birthday! Years ago your b-day signaled the start of BRCA, Doug Rudlinger, Dairy Queen softball practice. In some ways I wish that was the case today. May you be blessed with many more to come. Wishing you the best today and always. Ron

  3. Earl says:

    Happy Belated birthday.

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