Looking Back

My friend Mark Nordstrom sent this to me recently.  Hope you will enjoy this look back in time.

I happened on to a single sheet of Capital-Journal Sports from May 26, 1967. Mom had kept it since the major article, by Bob Hurt, was about WU losing basketball coach Gordon Stauffer to Indiana State because AD Mike Sarkesian was unwilling to come up with additional funding following the financially crippling tornado of 1966.

But what caught my eye were the small articles on the same single page:

  • 19 yr old Lucius Allen (Wyandotte HS), 2nd leading scorer to Lew Alcindor of the National Champion UCLA, was released from an LA court on bail for possessing marijuana.
  • Sophomore track star Jim Ryun received a track award at the KU banquet from Glenn Cunningham.
  • KU announced the signings of basketball recruits Pierre Russell, Dave Robish, and Roger Brown.
  • Bert “Campy” Campaneris scored form second on a short single making Jim “Catfish” Hunter and the KC A’s (Sal Bando, Rick Monday and Co) 3-2 winners (with relief help from Paul Lindblad) over the Minnesota Twins and Ceasar Tovar, Rod Carew, Zoilo Versalles, Harmon Killebrew and Tony Oliva.
  • Maimi’s Orange Bowl was named the site of Super Bowl II; and Commish Pete Rozelle announced CBS had gained the TV rights for $2.5 million ($500,000 more than SB One).
  • All 10 AL teams played in one division; all 10 NL teams played in one division.
  • Kermit Zarley led Gary Player, Dave Stockton, Miller Barber, Jim Colbert, Ray Floyd, Tom Wieskopf and Billy Casper in the PGA Oklahoma City Open (total purse…..$66,000).
  • Al Leaders were Al Kaline, Frank Robinson, Rod Carew, Rico Petrocelli, and Tony Conigliaro.
  • NL Leaders were Roberto Clemente, Tony Cepeda, Rusty Staub, Lou Brock, Pete Rose, and Billy Williams.
  • The California Relays announced running sensations Tommie Smith and Lee Evans would compete in the 220 and 440.
  • Dale Sharp’s would sell you a brand new Firebird for $2,379
  • Van-T Chevrolet City would sell you a brand new Impala for $2,739.
  • General Tire would sell you whitewalls starting at $11.75.

That was one page of the Sports section when times were a little simpler.


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