A Perfect Thing

Outside Magazine just came out with a list of 51 perfect things.  The list was their favorite “adventures, gear, beers, events, books, big ideas and more.”  They asked for their readers to share their lists.  Let me tell you about something that would be at the top of my “perfect” list.

Never will I forget Laura’s and my first kiss.  Laura’s heart was beating so violently, I felt it would explode at any moment as her chest pounded against mine.  Though I have kissed her thousands upon thousands of times since, there has never been a kiss quite like the first.  What a moment.  It was perfect.

As I have detailed in the past, Laura and I were friends long before we ever dated.  In some of our discussions, Laura mentioned how important a good kiss was to her.  Talk about pressure.  By the time of that first kiss, the tension was almost unbearable.  What if she felt my kiss just wasn’t that good or she really felt nothing?

Another Very Memorable Kiss

When I felt that heart beating away, I felt pretty good, though Laura really said little.  Over time, I have learned that is not all that unusual.  She tends to ponder things in her heart.

Days later, we were leaving the downtown Lawrence Chipotle through the back door.  As we turned into the small vestibule, Laura grabbed me and kissed me with real passion.  That was it.  A thank you kiss.  I have been totally hooked since.  There really is nothing quite as wonderful as a kiss from Laura.  It remains perfect.

So, on this Valentine’s Day, I thank Laura for that heart-pounding first kiss.  I will always cherish it, as I pray I will always cherish her.  With all my love and the Lord’s blessings, I am praying we share thousands upon thousands more kisses for many more years and years.  Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear.


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One Response to A Perfect Thing

  1. Earl says:

    Great story and picture, but oh so close to a backcourt violation.

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