The Greatest Prank

Who hasn’t tried to hide only to jump out in an attempt to scare someone.  Without a doubt, Laura and I witnessed the greatest such prank we have ever seen yesterday.  We had just dropped off Kelly at the Kansas City airport for a trip to Orlando.  A car was parked in front of us along the circle drive just outside the terminal. Two women walked to the car.  One had luggage after flying into KC. The trunk was cracked.

As the one woman opened the trunk to deposit her luggage, a man jumped up from the trunk roaring.  He was right in her face. The woman reeled back a few steps and then collapsed to the pavement landing on her backpack.  Immediately the man and woman began to laugh hysterically, but the target of this amazing prank was still prostrate with shock on the pavement.  Laura and I looked at each other in amazement.  Laura finally said she wanted to laugh but couldn’t until we were sure the woman was alright.

Finally, the two conspirators began to help the stunned woman to her feet.  When the victim hugged them, we finally knew all was well.  We pulled forward and rolled down our window. We shared in their roaring laughter, shook hands and wished them a Happy New Year. As we drove away, we began to laugh and laugh.  Never will we see this prank done better.  But, it sure has me thinking about trying.


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