88 Bikes

Every child should have a bike.  That is a wonderful hope Laura and I share with 88 Bikes.  The organization has been working to provide good, sound bicycles to children in need throughout the world.  Each bike costs only $88.  In January, 300 children from Ghana, India, Nepal and Vietnam will receive bicycles.  One of those bicycles will be ours.

There is a bonus given back to us by this wonderful organization.  Each donor provides a personal photograph.  When our bike is delivered to the child, another photo will be taken of that child, the bike and our photograph.  That photo will then be sent to us so that we can share in the child’s joy that only a bicycle can provide.  We can’t wait.  Another project is about to start, and we plan to continue giving numerous bikes each year.  We plan on becoming involved in a similar project for children in the United States.

Think about the fun you have had on a bicycle.  Remember how you couldn’t help but smile as you raced through your neighborhood and sensed for the first time the freedom a bike gave you.  Then think about joining us in support of 88 Bikes.  I bet a big smile will come right back to your face.

Read about 88bikes.org


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3 Responses to 88 Bikes

  1. Earl says:

    Thanks for the information. Sounds like a worthy charity.

  2. Pauline Nee says:

    Thank you so much for this lovely entry and for your support!

    A bike is such a great way to deliver immediate, long-term joy and support to kids who live in challenging circumstance.

    Many thanks,
    Pauline Nee
    Dir. Social Enterprise

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