While many sports fans are all worked up about the BCS National Championship in football and why there should be a playoff, there is another NCAA outrage taking place right now in the Division I Volleyball National Championship.  The Big 12 has been royally screwed!

The final standings after the Big 12 season had powerful Texas on top at 19-1, Iowa State was second in a big breakthrough year at 17-3, young Nebraska was third at 16-4 and then Baylor, Texas A&M and Oklahoma all tied with 11-9 records.  The Big 12 has been and continues to be one of the most dominant volleyball powers.  Powerful enough that it seems the NCAA must have feared having their Final Four dominated by Big 12 teams.  There really can be no other explanation for the seedings that placed Texas, Iowa State, Nebraska and Texas A&M all in the same regional.  Baylor and Oklahoma were seeded in other regionals with OU dropping their opening match to USC while Baylor won twice and moved on to this weekend’s Sweet 16.

However, the focus has to be on this weekend’s matches in Omaha.  Number 2 seed Texas will take on unseeded Texas A&M in the first match followed by #7 Iowa State and #10 Nebraska.  Try getting a ticket to those matches in the Quest Center.  Sadly, by late Saturday night only one of the four teams will move on.  It is hard to believe the top three teams in the Big 12 couldn’t be seeded in different regionals.

It all might be a moot point, since Penn State will likely be waiting in the championship final in Tampa.  They are the two-time defending champion and have not lost in their last 98 matches.  Yet, something makes me think that the Big 12 team that emerges from their stacked regional just might be ready to slay the Nittany Lions.  There has to be just a little big of Big 12 pride on line.  Here’s hoping it is the team in Scarlet and Cream.


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One Response to Outrageous

  1. Laura says:

    It’s criminal!

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